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Prevention Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure:  Desiderius Erasmus Dutch Philosopher

This is probably why I never hesitated to get my children vaccinated & the same for my fur babies, if you can prevent the trauma & hurt of something happening why wouldn’t you?

So from the beginning when I started Crossfit with my son, I was converted it took me back to the garage gyms of my youth. It wasn’t long before I discovered the badge of honour we’ve all been their our first blister / tear wow look at the size of my calluses, something to proud of a right of passage….said no one ever. Facts you rip / tear your hands its means downtime from training forget about working with your hands it hurts just to shower or wash your hair!

Having been a convert to the absolute healing powers of Essential oils for many years, & the fact that I hated my man hands & well the patience for a whingey teenager who had torn his hands next too zero. I just knew I could create a formula that would not only give you rapid healing but act as preventative to tearing as well.

RXD REPAIR BALM is a 100% natural Australian made rapid healing balm it is the combination of ingredients that give athletes on average a 3 day healing time. Those same ingredient’s when used on a daily basis on healthy skin work as a preventative, we shed an estimated million skin cells daily, yep that dust in your house & in your car is made up from a portion of your dead skin cells, RXD REPAIR BALM encourages healthy skin cell regeneration, athletes that use the balm twice a day have noticeable difference in their hands within 6 weeks, tearing/ ripping/blistering becomes less & less, we can’t guarantee that you will never tear/rip your hands but what we can say is those hand tears become more superficial & if this does happen you have the RXD REPAIR BALM that will promote & optimise your healing time if used as directed.

I see people generally at their worst bloodied torn hands, adrenalin rushing after finishing their WOD definitely not the happiest chappies on the block, their number 1 question??? Well it’s a tie actually will it sting? & do I have to cut the skin off?? No RXD REPAIR BALM does not sting but the water might, you need to clean your wound I use my RXD REPAIR Hand Scrub it doesn’t sting either…ok this is really important your hanging piece of skin flap, its dead I’m sorry it’s never ever growing back we need to cut it off! 

So to the prevention part, whether you are an elite athlete or a newbie if you should get into a good hand care routine, you wouldn’t cheat on your WOD so don’t cheat with this. Calluses are a blister forming under your skin, they aren’t something to be proud off it doesn’t been you’ve worked harder or longer than anyone else, it means sooner rather than later that is going tear. How do you prevent this from happening? RXD REPAIR HAND SCRUB is sugar based & contains all the ingredients that encourage healthy skin cell regeneration, you can scrub as hard as you like on your calluses to remove the thickness from them & keep them smooth & the sugar will dissolve before it damages any surrounding healthy skin. How many people do you know that can spot sand, pumicestone or use a callus shaver without damaging any surrounding healthy skin tissue? 

So stay on top of keeping the thickness from your calluses  you can use the RXD REPAIR HAND SCRUB daily or weekly it depends on what condition your hands are in,  only you can be the judge of this. Use the RXD REPAIR BALM twice daily as a preventative. You are shedding up to a 1 million skin cells daily. You want your new skin growing back to be continually strong, healthy & supple.

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