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RXD REPAIR: Are leaders in rapid handcare repair & preventative & TRANSDERMAL Magnesium recovery products 

We ship Australia wide & internationally. We can also provide a wholesale option for our clients that wish to stock our products.

RXD REPAIR BALM: Is the Original Australian made Repair Balm Specifically created to promote the rapid repair of damaged skin in the form of hand tears & rips, when used daily RXD Repair Balm promotes stronger, supple healthy skin cell regeneration. Helping to prevent future hand tears.

RXD REPAIR HAND SCRUB: Was created specifically to smooth down your calluses & remove hardened & rough skin without damaging ANY surrounding healthy skin, the RXD Repair Scrub is highly effective way of removing the thickness from your calluses & keeping them smooth unlike callus shavers, pumicestone’s or sandpaper it will keep your healthy surrounding skin intact, the RXD Repair Hand Scrub is sugar based so it will not sting or irritate unlike the abrasive salt based scrubs.

RXD REPAIR MAGNESIUM: Recovery Products are available in a Magnesium Spray, Magnesium Body Butter & Pure Magnesium Flakes. Magnesium gives relief too muscle aches, cramps, spasms, muscle fatigue & general soreness. Our products are absorbed (transdermal) through the skin providing relief to the affected areas in 20 minutes.

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